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Sherman Nabaum at Alta
Sherman Nabaum on way to Alta
Alex Nabaum ski bio

About the Artist

I grew up skiing in Colorado (mostly A-Basin, Keystone and Winter Park) 


As for vocation, I have been a professional illustrator for over 20 years. My artwork has appeared on the covers of Forbes, ESPN, Newsweek, New York Times, Reader's Digest, the Wall Street Journal and my posters have been included in the Communication Arts Design Annual and the Graphis Poster Annual.


My grandfather Sherman Nabaum was chairman of the Winter Sports Committee that raised money to get skiing started at Alta in the late 1930's (see picts below) and my father-in-law worked at Sun Valley in the late 1950's.


All of which combines to make me really passionate about art, skiing, and history.


This came to a head a few years back, when we were finishing our house in Heber Valley. I wanted to hang some ski posters of our favorite nearby ski resorts  (Park City, Deer Valley, Sundance, Alta) , but was disappointed with the posters available. 

Many were old European posters with scenes from the Alps but with titles of American resorts like "Park City" just photoshopped over top.  Albeit gorgeous, they felt so un-authentic to me.


The other posters, although beautiful, were often just so interchangeable with each other and often trying too hard to be retro or vintage. They all looked so similar. The unique visual story of each ski resort was not being told. 


So as professional visual story teller, I didn't want those either.


I realized if I was going to have an authentic poster that told the unique visual story of my favorite ski resorts in a fresh way,  I'd have to make them myself. 


This is the third season of the project.

- Alex Nabaum

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