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What is a silkscreen?

Silkscreen or serigraf or screen printing is a century old method of printing by pushing ink or paint through a stenciled screen (the screens used to be made of silk) onto a surface. In my case I hand mix acrylic ink and squeegee the color through a screen onto canvas or paper.

Why are the prices different for each ski resort?

I let the unique stats of each ski resort determine the price. Ski resorts have four main stats: Summit elevation, Vertical drop, Base elevation and Snowfall season average. Each resort's summit elevation determines the summit edition price by moving the decimal point one space. Same for vertical drop and two spaces for base elevation. The amount I include to be donated to charities local to the resort are determined the same way, by the snowfall season average. 

What is an edition?
Many contemporary artists produce editions (prints). Editions are signed, dated, and numbered.  The number -7/40- for example shows that the print is the seventh print of an edition of forty.  Once the limited edition is done, it's done forever and I recycle the screens. I want the posters to appreciate in value  like these ski posters at this Christie auction a few years ago.


What about framing?

I think these posters look best in natural maple frames  (plus maple has historically been used for making skis)  So to make framing easier for you I now offer a few options where I'll ship you the art all framed and ready to hang. Here are the tech specs on the frames I offer:


Base Edition $158 option:

19x25 Solid Maple frame (outer dimension 19x25, inner dimension 18x24, 3/4"thick)

Mat style: No mat (art goes right to the edge of frame which slightly overlaps white edge of print)

Glass: Standard Acrylic (ACRYLITE® Gallery FF3 Acrylic, filters out 90% of harmful UV rays and is color neutral. 3/32" in thickness, shatter resistant)

Base Edition $211 option:

23x29 Solid Maple (outer dimension 23x29", inner dimension 22x28", 3/4" thick)

Mat style: Floated (art appears to float over the mat) 2" white mat

Glass: Standard Acrylic (ACRYLITE® Gallery FF3 Acrylic, filters out 90% of harmful UV rays and is color neutral. 3/32" in thickness, shatter resistant)

Vertical Edition $358 option:

28x36 Solid Maple (outer dimension 28x36", inner dimension 26x34", 1" thick)

Mat style: Floated (art appears to float over the mat) 2" white mat

Glass: Standard Acrylic (ACRYLITE® Gallery FF3 Acrylic, filters out 90% of harmful UV rays and is color neutral. 3/32" in thickness, shatter resistant)

Or just buy the signed print and take it to you local framer, to get it framed however you want.

But if you still want to buy a frame online I recommend SimplyFramed or AmericanFrame

(that's where I get my above maple frame options, with no mark up here, by the way)


For the most economical (but still ok frame) for a Base Edition you can get this 18x24 wood frame at Blick Art Supplies  Or even cheaper, this plexigass box frame at Blick Art Supplies.

Note on glass and acrylic. I spray ALL prints (Base, Vertical, Summit) with Lascaux UV Protectant Spray Varnish, so you don't really need to get the more expensive UV acrylic if you are framing this yourself (or museum glass if you are getting it framed locally) 

If you are buying a Summit Edition, you don't need to worry about any of this because they only way they come is framed, UV protected and ready to hang.


Unframed artwork is shipped from my studio via UPS. We charge a simple $9 flat rate for shipping , but if you spend over $80 you are going to get free shipping. For framed options, I ship your signed artwork to my framer SimplyFramed in Denver, then they professionally frame it and then ship it to you via FedEx Ground, which takes 3-4 weeks. NOTE: My framer uses FedEx Ground exclusively, so they can't ship to PO Boxes, so please provide an alternate address.

We want you to be happy with your artwork. If not, you can return the artwork within three weeks after you received the shipment. We will issue you a full refund once the artwork is back in the studio undamaged. We will deduct the shipping cost from the refund. As for the charity donation we may have already made in your name, no worries, we'll cover that on our end.

Color accuracy of images show in the online gallery
Acrylic ink on canvas or paper sometimes can’t be accurately reproduced digitally, so the original artwork may look slightly different from the digital preview. Also since the Vertical and Summit Editions are hand printed by the artist, each print has it's own "imperfections" that make it unique. 


How is my unframed artwork packed?

Vertical Editions and Base Editions ship flat, protected by five layers of cardboard and a poly bag.

I've always disliked how posters shipped in tubes need to be unrolled right away otherwise they have a hard time completely flattening out. This especially becomes a problem when the frame isn't immediately ready and the unrolled and unprotected poster gets damaged while waiting. We avoid all that by paying a bit more to ship flat. 

When will you do my favorite ski resort?

I started this project with the ski resorts closest to me, which were in Utah at the time. Next are Big Sky, Solitude, Brighton and Mammoth.  But I'm itching to return to Colorado where I grew up. Mt. Baker and British Columbia are also calling. There are so many. In part that depends on you. An artist can go a lot farther with great patrons. However if you really want your resort next on the list let me know in a comment on Instagram or in an email and who knows? The squeakiest ski gets the wax :)

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