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First I read everything I can about the ski resort.


Then I visit the resort. While skiing on the mountain, I'll snap reference photos, look out for what makes the resort unique visually and do some sketches at the lodge.

Also at some point, I ride, hike, skin or bootpack to the highest point of the resort and collect a bag of snow, which I document on my Instagram since 2019.


Back in the studio I mix this snowmelt with gesso to make the entire white paint surface for the Summit Editions. The Vertical Edition prints also get a spoonful of specific snowmelt mixed into their colors too.

That way each artwork has an actual physical and tangible connection to the resort. I want these posters literally dripping with authenticity.


Over the next few months, I make dozens of sketches and color studies trying to tell the unique visual story of the resort. 


I want the piece to be visually beautiful, but have a second layer of history and hidden meaning.


When I can refine no more, I make my screens, mix the snowmelt with the paint and then handprint the pieces one by one.

Basically I follow Sun Valley's late owner Earl Holding's motto:

"If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing" 

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