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Banff Sunshine

Canadian Alps, Gondola and 1928

This is a blurred view of the current color sketch of my upcoming Banff Sunshine poster. It will continue to evolve, develop and be refined over the next few months, but it is ready to pre-order if you'd like to secure a first, second or third numbered edition.


My Banff research trip was in early April 2024. I was struck by the row of  jagged peaks on the drive through Canmore and Banff on the way to the resort. The long gondola ride from the parking lot to the Village was also unique.  At the end of day as I skied down Banff Ave to the parking lot, the view of the multicolored gondola looked like a long line of Skittles candies against the backdrop of the dark gray rock and snow.  The figure was inspired by the In mannequin wearing a solid canary yellow one piece ski outfit, Banff's signature color, at the entrance to the shop in the Centennial Lodge.


Some other things that I will probably work into this poster:  three mtns  (Goat, Lookout and Standish)  Delirium Dive freeride zone, the ski tree sculpture, fat bear welcome sculpture, crossing the BC and Alberta border on Great Divide, the 1928 Old Sunshine Lodge, Bruno Engler, CP Rail company and the old 40's tracked ski bus. If you are a big Banff fan and think I've missed something, let me know and it will probably make it into the final poster.


8,954 ft - Summit Edition - $895.40


3,510ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $351.00


5,440 ft - Base Edition - $54.40

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