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Deer Valley ski poster

Deer Valley

Well Groomed, Carving and Stein

A. Well groomed corduroy and well groomed clients.  Year after year Deer Valley ranks at the top for grooming.

B. I had a  season pass here one year and rarely did I ride a lift without enjoying watching some beautiful carving below. The four carvers here signify the four decades of Deer Valley.

C. The original beautiful carver Stein Erickson. Director of Skiing at DV for 35 years, namesake of Stein Erickson Lodge, a bronze statue of him at Snow Park Lodge and of course the scenic Stein's Way run on Bald Mtn, off Sultan Express.

D. Eight gold reflections in her goggles symbolize the 8 times DV has won #1 Overall Resort by readers of Ski Magazine.

E. I wanted the initials to remind you of luxury, since this resort that has bathrooms fit for King Louis the XIV.  Lots of green because you don't go long here without seeing one of the plentiful  mountain hosts in their green coats.

F. These two ski paths honor the two Park City locals Bob Burns and Otto Carpenter who started "Snow Park" in 1947 where Deer Valley is today. The current Burns and Carpenter Lifts  are named after them. Although I think they should name one of the lifts the "Ottobahn" which was the clever name of the original T-bar lift.

G. Opened in 1981, this luxury resort was the vision of Edgar Stern who brought his background in hospitality to skiing.


9,570 ft - Summit Edition - $957.0


3,000 ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $300.0


6,570 ft - Base Edition - $65.70

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