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Grand Targhee ski poster

Grand Targhee

Teton, Refreshers and Fog

A. The amazing Grand Teton view. Somedays you see it, somedays you don't.

B. Blue dots symbolize the moisture that channels from the Pacific Ocean uninterrupted through the Sierra-Casacde gap and then along the Snake River Plain until it hits Targhee. The secret to the resort's consistent snowfall.

C. A thousand color blind test dots because you might be blinded by the fog on the upper half occasionally, but the fog protects the powder from it’s number one enemy, the sun. How else could a west facing resort like Targhee rank 3rd in snow quality right behind north facing Alta and Snowbird. Fog is friend.

D. Grateful Dead inspired lettering to match Targhee's laid back vibe.

E.  The Shosone-Bannock  beadwork here honors the resort's namesake Chief Targhee and the multiple Native American names for the lifts, runs and lodges.  Also the pattern repetition echoes the bases of locally made Sego Skis.

F. Crazy cliffs and a world record cliff drop, represented by this little blue hole.

G. Hike accessed Mary's Nipple and now lift served Peaked Mountain.

H. This cowboy hat honors original employee Leon "Slim" Weston. Farmer by summer, Lifty and Ambassador by winter, for 45 straight seasons!

I. In the spoon of the ski I hid a bushy black mustache to recognize Ignacio "Nacho" Orduno's 34 years of service as the resort's head chef.

J. A well hidden black "J" for Olympian Jaelin Kauf's wooden J's hanging around.

K. I lined up this dreamcatcher like shape to about where DC unloads on Fred's.

L. A little LOOK at another Teton Valley ski product: CAST touring bindings.

M.   Opened in 1969, the resort was founded by a group of East Idaho locals.

Grand Targhee ski poster Summit edition etails

9,920 ft - Summit Edition - $992.00

Grand Targhee vertical edition detail

2,270ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $227.00

Grand Targhee ski poster base edition detail

7,851 ft - Base Edition - $78.51 

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