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Park City ski poster details

Park City

Town Lift, Night Life and Orange Bubble

A. The Town Lift that leaves from  Main Street and goes over Park Ave is totally unique. A friend of mine, who shall remain unnamed, skied here as a teen. As he rode the Town Lift he would put his season pass in his mitten and "accidentally" drop it to the street below, to be picked up by his other friend who would repeat the process.

B. As ski resorts go, Park City consistently ranks in the top for best night life, which is centered here on Historic Main Street.

C. I painted this big setting sun to evoke the Orange Bubble Express lift on the former Canyons side of the resort.

D. This joined couple is meant to symbolize the joining of Park City and the Canyons to make the biggest ski resort in the USA, back in 2015 . Although I'm guessing the real merger wasn't this romantic.

E. The ski area was first called "Treasure Mountain". So I wanted the mountain to be like a big golden treasure with bright silvery white veins flowing down as a nod to the mining heritage of Park City.

F. The snow is like falling coins to hearken to the $400 million in silver pulled out of these mountains since 1868.

G. I see a lot of "I Ride Park City" stickers on cars around town so I had to include a snowboarder to compliment PC's halfpipe and terrain park scene.

H. Opened for skiing in 1963 by the United Park City Mine Company.


10,026 ft - Summit Edition - $1,002.6


3,226ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $322.6


6,800 ft - Base Edition - $68.00

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