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Snowbird ski poster


Steep, Deep, Tunnel,Tram and '70s

A. Overall very steep, or so it seems to me. Besides it's steepest run, "Great Scott" , it has a run named "Barry Barry Steep" to prove it.

B. Here I painted exactly five hundred individual flakes in an airy consistent pattern to mirror Snowbird's yearly average of 500 inches of light snow.

C. I simplified the bend in the skier's arm to mimic the tunnel to Mineral Basin, the only ski tunnel in North America. Also know as the "BassHole".

D. The two iconic aerial trams have been running since the resort opened. I choose to depict the blue tram, since the Bird is so well branded with blue and green. So why is the other tram an out-of-place red? I'd like to know...

E. My typography imitates the exposed concrete of the resort's Brutalist style architecture. In fact I simplified all the shapes in the poster to feel like late 1960's Minimalist design language that influenced the resort's look.

F. These two shapes hint at the aerial view of the Cliff Lodge with it's geometric grass roof (seen in summer) and huge triangular rooftop hot tub. 

G. Three avalanches destroyed the original mining town and these slides still occasionally close Little Cottonwood Canyon. Which can be a plus if you are already up here, cozy in a concrete lodge with the slopes to yourself.

H. Seven steps for founder Dick Bass being the first man to climb the "Seven Summits", the tallest mountain on each continent finishing with Mt.Everest.

I. Opened for skiing in 1971 thanks to the vision of co-founder Ted Johnson after which the run "Regulator Johnson" (off Hidden Peak) is named.


11,000 ft - Summit Edition - $1,100.0


3,240ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $324.0


7,760 ft - Base Edition - $77.60

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