Sun Valley

First Chair Lift, Lodge and Sunshine

A. The invention of the chair lift, hard to think of a bigger contribution to skiing. 

B. The iconic X-shaped Sun Valley lodge, built in 1936 started destination resorts. It's walls are covered with black white celebrity photos.

C. The Sun was the original selling point, it's symbol is everywhere at the resort big and small, plus the valley averages 120 sunny ski days a year.

D & E. A tale of two very different separate mountains, Dollar Mountain here with the $ sign on it. And the much bigger Bald Mountain with it's perfect pitch.

F. Railroads tracks make the pattern her since Harriman's Union Pacific made this a destination

G. These pony tails were the signature style of Gretche Fraser, America's first female gold medalist with two large sculptures and multiple lodge photos.

H. This lettering imitates the signature of Clark Gable to symbolize the Hollywood getaway one of the many celebrities that frequented the resort

I. The year round ice skating rink graced here by little Dorothy Hamills

J. Edgar Scott invented the tapered aluminum ski pole here in 1952

K. Warren Miller and his ski movies got there start here in this teardrop trailer

L. The resort opened in 1936 by the vision of Harriman and Count


9,150 ft - Summit Edition - $915.0


3,400ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $340.0


5,750 ft - Base Edition - $57.50