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Sun Valley

First Chair Lift, Lodge and Sunshine

A. Where you can truly go 'first chair'  The chair lift was invented for the resorts opening by Union Pacific railroad engineer Jim Curran .

B. It's walls soaked in history, the X-shaped Sun Valley lodge became the birthplace of destination ski resorts in America in 1936.

C. Sunshine, right in the name, was the original selling point by PR pioneer Steve Hannagan. Today sun symbols shine all over SV, from doorknobs  to giant snow sculptures, fitting since it averages 120 sunny ski days a year.

D & E. A tale of two mountains. Dollar Mountain (with the $ sign on it) and the bigger Bald Mountain. Although I think the names should be reversed, Dollar is "bald" of trees and Bald's perfect top to bottom pitch is "money".

F. Railroad track pattern to honor railroad chairman Averell Harriman's vision to send Count Felix Schaffgotsch to find it and then his capital to build it.

G. Two braids with bows were the signature style of Gretchen Fraser, America's first Olympic ski gold medalist, with sculptures in the valley.

H. This lettering imitates Clark Gable's autograph to symbolize the many movie stars that made Sun Valley a Hollywood get away.

I. The year round ice skating rink graced here by little Dorothy Hamill's

J. Ed Scott invented the tapered aluminum ski pole here in 1952.

K.  A small Sigi and Sepp, for their combined 72 seasons as ski instructors.

L. This teardrop trailer is where Warren Miller and his ski movies got started.

M. Actually too many hidden gems to detail here. Sun Valley's history is just too deep! Follow on Instagram or buy the poster to find them all.


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