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Sundance ski poster


Art, Timpanogos, Redford and Movies

A.  "Prayer Song", the large sculpture by Apache artist Allan Houser is the most visible example of the resort's blend of art and nature, along with the Sundance Institute and the Sundance Art Studio. Founder Robert Redford called Sundance first and foremost an artist community. His home there is also filled with a wonderful array of Native American art.

B. Mt.Timpanogos provides the slopes and dramatic backdrop to Sundance. The setting sun frames the legend the sleeping Indian maiden in the mountain's distinct profile. The resort sits at about the end of her flowing hair. The mountain also gave name to the first ski hill here, "Timp Haven"

C. These skis and boards all contain images and awards from Redford's film legacy. From left to right: first Oscar for Best Director, film strip for the Sundance Film Festival, three Golden Globes, trains from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid", second Oscar, more western props from "The Kid", Indian arrows and grizzly bear claws from the blockbuster 1973 movie "Jeremiah Johnson", filmed near the resort and on the far right a BAFTA award for best supporting actor in three 1969 films including ski themed "Downhill Racer".

D. The circular sun is also a nod to Sundance's early signage.

E. Walking around the resort, you'll cross the North Fork of the Provo River as it weaves it's way through the beautiful and timeless grounds.

F. I wanted the typography to feel handwritten from an artist's brush.

G. 1969 marks the year that Redford bought the land for Sundance.


8,250 ft - Summit Edition - $825.0


2,150ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $215.0


6,100 ft - Base Edition - $61.00

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