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Jackson Hole ski poster

Jackson Hole

Cowboys, Corbet's and the Tram.

A.  Before tourism, cowboys and cattle ranches were the valley's main industry. Even the first tourism in Jackson came in the form of dude ranches

B. Corbet's Couloir, probably the most famous ski run in North America, has it's own annual contest named after it.

C. The third visual read had to be the aerial tram (aka the Red Heli)

D. I decided to paint initials to feel like a cattle brand and give the lettering an old western print block feel. I substituted double black diamonds for periods as a nod to the challenging skiing of JHMR.

E. Barry Corbet, pointed out the chute while scouting out the descent in 1960. Ski patrolman Lonnie Ball actually skied it first and there probably some other people that deserve to be up there, but I wanted to limit it to five figures  to symbolize five decades of JHMR.

F. Doug Coombs, a pioneer of extreme skiing has a run named after him on the mountain. Plus there's Coombs Cave on Corbet's and the Coombs Foundation.

G. Karl Fostvedt and Caite Zeliff the first inaugural "King & Queens of Corbet's"

H. Travis Rice, one of the greatest snowboarders of all time, grew up riding JHMR.  He was also "King" of Corbet's in 2019.

I. Ample use of Stanford Red around the resort is because was the alma matter of JHMR founder Paul McCollister.  

J. Opened for skiing in 1966. The Tram alone took more than two years to build.

Jackson Hole ski poster Summit detail

10,450 ft - Summit Edition - $1,045.00

Jackson hole ski poster vertical detail

4,139ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $413.90

Jackson hole ski poster base edition detail

6,311 ft - Base Edition - $63.11

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