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Powder Mtn

Expansive, Lingering Powder and Characters

A. On the top, the view of the resort's multiple mountains seems to go on and on, and at 8,464 acres, it does, making it the USA's largest.

B. Seems to have more colorful characters than the average ski resort.  So I exaggerated their uniqueness as a jackalope, a papa smurf and a yeti.

C. Don't miss the view of The Great Salt Lake far to the west.

D .The giant pop art metal paper airplane sculpture.

E. A newer character at Pow Mow is the the Summit Series and their "Heritage Modernism" architecture and modern art influence, represented by a this Jeff Koons balloon dog sculpture on skis.

F. Medical red cross for the resort's founder Alvin Cobabe MD.

G. How did Dr. Cobabe pay for medical school and to get the resort going? He sold his father's  sheep that grazed these summer slopes.

H. RIchard "Woody" Wood's bus, that he drove for over forty years.

I. Thumbs up for hitching a ride on the vans and buses to get back to the lifts from Powder Country and Woody's World. 

J. A even better ride to hitch is the snowcat skiing, around since the start.

K. Red, blue and green inspired by the large mural in the main lodge.

L. Small BC initials. A testament to the lingering powder is the fact that Back Country magazine has done their annual gear test here for 15+ years

M.  1972 the year the resort officially started  and a nod to the smile of longtime Pow Mow employee Chris Whiting.


8,900 ft - Summit Edition - $890.0


2,205ft - Vertical Drop Edition - $220.5


6,900 ft - Base Edition - $69.00

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